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A state of deep_music series_trance_2!

When something new begins or we start a new journey, what's the first thing you feel within...A sudden rush!

Bring it on!

photo by Muzammil Soorma @ unsplash

Generally we would define rush as : a sudden feeling of excitement or anger that causes one to act in unexpected ways. But its this rush within us, that core energy that has led to so many amazing discoveries until now and will continue to do so...

As the rush Motorcycle

Released in 2003, it set the who's who of the music world on fire! The track’s popularity had gained so much praise and recognition before its release that some may think that the track is simply over publicized. The track has a mainstream appeal that can’t be ignored.

Check out the original music video and Armada's first single release ever :

This was one of the tracks which established the creators Josh Gabriel & Dave Dresden as the duo to look forward in the trance scene. They have since then been consistently delivering amazing tracks over the years.

Check out their sweeping strings remix below.

Behold Ladies and Gentlemen, dim your lights, Sit back, relax, get ready to feel the rush...

We drift deeper into the sound

Life goes on....;)

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