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Photography : In its raw essence is an act of freezing a moment.
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Photography is often perceived as an objective, and therefore unbiased,  medium for documenting and preserving historic moments of national and world histories. Photographs can bear witness to history and even serve as catalysts for change. Hence it plays a critical role in visualizing and narrating stories.
​ASOP is a platform to express and share a viewpoint of the world via different lenses in time. It's an act, contemporary and indispensable in our times. It can help us define the way we perceive, live, or aspire to live. It's a tool to engage, inquire, and ask important questions, to take any action, create awareness or express the state of things - as is!
​It is a medium to express a personal quest, desire, outlook, and style.
​Here, all is accepted. Raw is the new fresh. Old is new. Antique is in vogue. Contemporary is the new avant-garde. Truth is truth. Facts are facts. Reality is the expression of true reality. It's pure. It's evocative. It's provocative. It's absolute and hence, It's a state of being - A STATE of being immersed in the act, in the experience, in the now!
​Welcome to a state of photography.
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All images are ©  of a state of photography.

Anup, Director.

...His energetic enthusiasm for learning and critical investigation, exhibit his self-motivation and intensity for architecture and urban design are evident in his daily interactions and his contributions in form of curating events.

Giuseppe, Design Head.

His strong inclination towards urban issues and curiosity in discovering processes to analyse and create contextually relevant interventions are a solid base for a consistent growth and engagement on a multicultural scenario.

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