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Deep Shah.

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Deep is an architect and an urban design enthusiast from India.

His firm belief in the power of design to transform the world, keeps him constantly engaged in a variety of projects across multiple fields.

To create a deeper impact via architecture it is important to understand and decode the current nuances and behaviors of our society. In there we find the clues as to how we consume and inhabit. With the relentless advancement of technology and innovation happening all around us, evolution is the only constant. Architecture needs a new approach where fundamental domains of life are addressed, leading to the creation of humane environments that are socially and spiritually uplifting.

This thought has shaped his unique approach to design and professional practice, which expresses his versatility and ability to navigate through different disciplines and collectively bind them, creating something of its own. In 2012 he conceptualized the framework for his approach to design practice and developed a methodology that has served several firms and a dozen projects. His interest in Urban Design, award-winning research work, and professional work reflect the finesse this approach lends to his work.

Deep is a recipient of the international architecture thesis award in 2015 for his radical thesis on the redevelopment of Dadar Railway Station precinct, Mumbai. He was also nominated for the national award for excellence in architectural thesis in 2014. His research work on architecture and cinema is one of the most read and searched for research papers on In other academic pursuits, Deep’s passion for the urban and establishing rooted identities for our contemporary cities, led him to pursue the Course on future of cities offered by ETH Zurich and apply this knowledge in the smart cities mission of India. He was also one of the few nationally selected participants in the 2018 Indian version of Glenn Murcutt master class, known as The Bangalore Workshop in IIM-Bangalore.

Deep has Worked with two of the most renowned global practices in the initial years of his career, Space Matrix and MBH Architects. While the Space Matrix provided him the open ground to experiment and deploy his methods and approach to architecture and urban practice on more than 25 projects, the leaders there nurtured him as a multidisciplinary designer who has design sensibilities, understanding of economics, and the business of architecture. He was also instrumental in the rebranding of the architecture branch to Urban frame and that’s where the seeds to explore the world of brands were sown. The projects he worked on have led to the firm winning various awards, known in the industry as a critical practice, and widen the global presence.

After a hardcore stint in the design practice his move to explore the world of brands got him back to Mumbai into the world of advertising. He did a short stint in an advertising agency where he worked on several brands. In there he decoded how architecture, visual media, and brands come together to form an overall system that engages people.

With this knowledge and experience, he moved to MBH Architects, now only to work on a much more global scale and international brands and their standards. He worked on a dozen of new-age Forbes 50 brands, projects of which were based mostly in the states of California and New York, United States Of America. Here his technical skills were polished, best practices in terms of building codes deepened, ability to navigate and work on BIM processes for a given prototypical project, and adopting agile methods to facilitate better management of architecture projects.

Deep being a thinker has been an active writer and strongly believes in writing as a tool to make more sense of our environments. His natural flair for design has enabled him to share his experiences with a wider audience and as an external critic in schools of architecture.

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Curriculum Vitae.

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