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Humaneness Redefined!
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Architecture is the only constant.

Contemporary urban life undergoing a major transformation has created a multitude of opportunities to re-look, rethink & re-approach the way we inhabit and grow, rediscovering its identity learning and growing out of its rich and glorious past while still being rooted into its self.

Architecture, in essence, is a means to visualize the spirit of place (genus loci) and the role of an architect is to create meaningful places, whereby helping mankind to dwell.

Architecture has the inherent power to move us and transcend our lives in every aspect. Today more than ever before.

This showcase is an expression of real life experiments and critical view to contemporary architecture, urban planning in India and retail architecture in the United States spanning over a decade of professional practice attempting to seek new possibilities of approaches to a variety of scales in architecture and urban design through avant-garde interpretations.
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Anup, Director. urbanframe

I have closely worked with him for almost four years and observed him to be an individual of strong work ethic and dedication to quality. His efforts have produced excellent results and has consistently delivered above expectations.

Ram, Associate Director.


Possess a 'can do' attitude, and has effective communication skills to interact effectively with clients and colleagues.

Giuseppe, Design Head.


I have confidence in his creativity and motivation to give his best.

Vivek, CSE - Founder & Director. has been very fulfilling to work with Deep.

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