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Brands are the perceived life we live.
Today every experience, transaction and piece of content lives behind an interface. Brands are the new interface. Interface is the new experience. Be it digital or real.
Brands are the interface between 21st century culture and architecture. In the world we live today, we communicate through brands. In a day we come in contact with 500 and more objects which make our daily lives. They all are created via some brand or given as a service by a particular brand. We individually also today are a certain brand in itself.
A brand typically caries a promise of a delivery of a service or an approach. It is the way we associate our way of life and companies communicate to their customers. This is the hidden secret way we talk. we interact. Its an essential medium of expression and identity.
Architecture is the new interface of a brand!
It is the place where we sense and touch a brand. It is where everything meets. All kinds of interactions happen within it. Its where all mediums come together to form a whole.
An architecture facilitates and shapes the way a brand provides an experience, Photography helps communicate a certain way of perceiving and helps project that image within a given space and brand as an overall inside-out package interacts with us.
Welcome to a state of brands.

Tiffany & Co.

Jewelry Stores.

Every story has a beginning!



Home Appliances Stores.

Designed to move!



Apparel Stores.

Quality never goes out of style!



Ice cream Parlors.

Taste The Original!

Core Power Yoga.

Yoga Studio's.

Breathe, flow, sweat - together!

Project 5

Jack in The Box.

Quick Serve Restaurants.

The place for those who live outside the box!



Reena, Principal.

...always enthusiastic to take up new initiatives, took responsibility &  committed to the deadlines.

Ana, Project Manager.

Never worked with a team as committed, dedicated and professional.

Definitely we will miss you here as it is really hard to find people who don’t settle for anything less than excellence!


All stock imagery has been used from google images to represent each brand  and the designer is not liable for any additional usage after design work was handed over to client, employer or freelance client.

Tag lines of each brands have been showcased to generate a context in which each project is to be read, By no means the designer claims the authority over them, they are only informative in nature.

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