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A state of deep_music series_trance!

After years of yearning to share the joy, the energy and the passion for music with all the loved ones out there and especially YOU.

After all its all about how we communicate...

Isn't life all about communication ? Be it with ourselves, within ourselves or with others. Its our primary way of operating or living our lives. We use various means of expressions to communicate how we feel or think. We all have that innate ability within our true "self". As my master says, "consciousness is in each and every particle in this universe. Its just the matter of how we want to explore that deep within us, by communicating deep into our own self".

Communication by Armin Van Buuren.

Nothing else comes to mind to begin a journey with none other than this tune.

Released 21 years ago in 1999, a year that meant an absolute peak for trance as a genre altogether and that changed armins fan following forever. Enjoy this absolute classic with its simple and highly effective piano play.

Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back, put your headphones/speakers on, close your eyes and take a moment to relive this incredible masterpiece in its original version down below.

Do let me know, what you think of it, down below in comments.

And, hey if there are any recommendations, bring it on.

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