Architecture, Photography & Branding.
A State: A condition or a way of being that exists at a particular time.
An exhibit of an interdisciplinary approach towards contemporary urban life through the means of design, visual arts & storytelling. ​
When dense ink is melted into water, it becomes highly flexible and unpredictable.
Urban Life is in a constant transformation in an overall context today. In this new world, the boundaries are blur between various domains, hence strategic curation is the need of our times. It is crucial to see things from an overall perspective and through different lenses, thereby helping us intervene in an informed way.
Curiosity, research, and passion are the driving forces that lead to investigate, dig deeper, and create something powerful so that it changes the way we see, think, and inhabit our lives.
​This approach transports one into a realm of creativity where one is rooted and delves deeper into the theater of the mind, rendering it timeless into a state of its own.
Welcome to a state of deep.


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Lets Contemplate.


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"Great minds discuss ideas"

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